Social Studies

At FAST, Social Studies provides a starting point for design thinking. The social studies curriculum  promotes civic competence and responsibilty among our children as they and the world evolves. We believe that Empathy creates purpose, which makes learning meaningful and relevant to students. 

Empathy creates purpose, which makes learning meaningful and relevant to students.

Not only do students learn to think like engineers and scientists, but they also learn to think like global citizens. Children develop a worldly understanding of our own nation’s ideals to become citizens who are committed to the values of democracy. FAST’s naturally diverse classrooms are frameworks for students to understand other cultures relative to their own, to appreciate problems of the world, and to learn to use the STEM skills that will contribute to solving humankind’s challenges. One of humanity’s great tasks, as technology advances, is the “can we do it versus the should we do it” juxtaposition. FAST believes this framework of civic competence is critical as we develop the next generation of scientists and engineers who will seek to use their abilities for the betterment of society.

FAST employs a variety of curriculum tools for the Social Studies classes. Teachers use The Harcourt Mifflin My World® curriculum and Clairmont Press- World Studies along with selections from the website. In addition, students use current events as a starting point for social studies topics. Current events give context and purpose for students to dig deeper and find meaning in the past.