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FAST Uniform Policy

We expect students to dress in a manner that promotes quality performance, school spirit and demonstrates the high personal standards we expect from our students.  Torn or revealing clothing and extreme hairstyles and makeup are not appropriate for school and may not be worn.  Clothing must properly fit the student, it cannot be overly tight or baggy.  The hem on skirts, shorts, skorts, dresses, and jumpers must be no shorter than three fingers width above the top of the knee.  Shorts may not be cargo style, instead must be plain front with only slash or level pockets.  Skirts should be chosen with built in shorts or shorts may be worn underneath as long as they are not visible below the skirt line.  Pants may not be cargo style or cropped, must be ankle length, and must sit at the natural waistline.  Sweaters, sweatshirts and fleece worn  anywhere on campus must have the school logo.  Coats, hats and gloves may only be worn outside.  Shoes must be closed toe and closed heel.  Athletic shoes are required on PE days and may be worn every day.  

All school functions require students to be in uniform.  The Principal and Assistant Principals have final say on any questions of dress and we expect parents and students to comply.  If there is any question about a student’s attire any decision about the acceptability of the dress for school will be the final discretion of the Principal.  

We expect our students to look as good on the last day of school as they do on the first day of school, therefore we have chosen Land’s End as our official uniform provider for the long lasting consistent quality in their uniform selection.  Students in shirts embroidered with the school logo on polos that are not Land’s End will be considered not in uniform.  Each student is required to have at least one Land’s End polo in cobalt blue with the official school logo embroidered by Land’s End.  All clothing and accessories on the FAST Lands' End uniform page are acceptable forms of daily wear. Spirit wear sold only by the FAST PTO may be worn daily, except for special occasions when the cobalt blue Land's End polo with the school logo must be worn. These include such events as picture day, field trips, assembly, special visitors to FAST, and when requested by the Principal and staff. 

* In situations where uniform purchase would cause undue hardship, parents may contact FAST Business Manager Ron Rhodes for information regarding FAST financial assistance for reasonable accommodations with uniform purchases.