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Fulton Academy of Science & Technology (FAST) is a public charter school authorized by Fulton County Schools (FCS) and delivers Talented & Gifted (TAG) curriculum developed by Fulton County that differentiates instruction for TAG students.

FAST uses the same process as FCS to identify students eligible for TAG.   Because of our charter status, we are allowed to use Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test scores as an Achievement test in lieu of the Iowa test that most other Fulton County Schools use.

Determining a student’s eligibility is a process that considers the unique talents and gifts of individual students.  There are multiple ways for a student to be eligible for TAG. If you have any questions about TAG or about your child’s eligibility, please contact Mrs. Maribeth Smith, our TAG Coordinator, with any TAG questions (


Fulton County's Implementation of Georgia's Eligibility Rule
State Board of Education Rule 160-4-2-.38


  • Data shall be gathered in each of the four assessment categories.
  • At least one of the criteria must be met by a score on a nationally normed test.
  • Any data used to establish eligibility in one category shall not be used to establish eligibility in another category.
  • If a rating scale is used to evaluate motivation, a rating scale may not be used to evaluate creativity.
  • Any test score used to establish eligibility shall be current within two years.
  • The Talented and Gifted Program will only administer each specific standardized test once every two calendar years.
  • Data gathered and analyzed by a private licensed psychologist shall be used only in the mental ability category for Option B.  It shall be supported by two of the three remaining categories.  One of the three remaining categories must be a nationally normed test administered by a school.  



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