School Dismissal and Carpool

Currently we have two buses for the upcoming school year. In preparation for the high demand of seating, we are holding a lottery for bus transportation.  Click HERE to enter bus lottery. 

There are private shuttle companies that also offer transportation to FAST.

Prestige Transportation Services

Optimal Reliability Transportation

General Carpool Questions

I would like to connect with other families to carpool

You can add your name to the carpool database. Once you have added your information, you will have access to contact information for other families who are looking for carpools. If you did not receive the link to the carpool form, please email

Also consider downloading the app, KarpoolClub, by the same company that makes our carpool app, PikmyKid!

Explain FAST Lane

During afternoon carpool, cars that are picking up 4 or more students are eligible for a pass to use the FAST Lane. Cars that have this special pass will be allowed to pull into the bus/ shuttle area AFTER THE FULTON COUNTY BUS HAS LEFT and have faster student dismissal.

If you believe you are eligible for a pass for the FAST Lane, contact with the students' pikmykid numbers.

You may only use the pass on days you are picking up 4 or more students.

Explain Morning Carpool

In order to improve safety and to allow our staff a small break from daily carpool, we have changed the morning carpool drop off to 1 lane. Drop off begins at 7:10am.

This makes it much safer for the students and faster as no one has to wait for students to cross in front of/ behind cars.

In order to help us keep things running smoothly, please remember these tips!

1. Once you have come to a complete stop in the drop off area, students should immediately open their door, hop out and close the door. Staff are only there to assist students who need help. Any student who can hop out on their own can and should!

2. Once your student is out, pull forward if no one is in front of you.

Explain Afternoon Carpool

FAST only has 2 buses provided by Fulton County and is responsible for running a smooth and efficient carpool in order to avoid disrupting traffic on Crabapple Rd.

Please take a look at the map to see how traffic will flow.

If possible, do not arrive on campus before 3:20 (12:00 on Fridays)

Staff will direct you to enter the staging lanes in the order you arrive.

A staff member will go through the staging lanes and enter the cars into the pikmykid system in the order of arrival. (See below for PikMyKid details)

At dismissal, a 3rd staff member will direct cars out of the staging lanes into the pick up area.

Staff will direct cars out of the pick up area. If a student has not arrived, you will be asked to move to the holding area until they arrive.

REMINDER: Please do not arrive before 3:20.

Carpool Lane Animation

Carpool Map


Why am I being asked to turn right out of the school?

Depending on traffic conditions, it may be necessary to turn right when leaving the school. Please turn right if requested. Reference the following map to see the several alternatives to get back to Crabapple Rd or Holcomb Bridge Rd.

Area Map

Fulton Academy of Science and Technology uses PikMyKid as our student dismissal app. This applies to all students as we will dismiss students the same way for After School Programs, carpool, bus/ shuttle service and walkers.

Please watch the video below that explains how the PikMyKid app and dismissal process works. The password is pikmykid, all lower case.

Once your account is created, you will be associated with your child or children. If you need assistance or have trouble with the app, please contact PikMyKid support at Some common questions are below. If you still have questions, feel free to contact our Technology Coordinator, Justin Mercado at