It is time once again for the PTO Nominating Committee to recruit candidates to hold PTO Officer positions for the following year. The goal of the nominating committee is to enlist the talents of as many FAST parents, friends and family as possible. The nominating committee’s responsibility is to consider all persons interested in a particular PTO position.

Please consider any positions that you may be interested in fulfilling. You may also wish to recommend someone you think would be an ideal recruit for a particular office. Please contact a member of the nominating committee by no later than April 3.

PTO officer elections will take place via Electronic Voting April 17-19.  If you have any questions, please contact any member of the nominating committee:

Nehal Patel,

Mallory Feazle,
Robert Vandel,

Who can serve?
Men, women, parents, grandparents, teachers, staff, and members of the community who are members of the FAST Family PTO can serve as an officer or board member. Good candidates for PTO officers are adults who have a willingness to …
• Learn what the PTO’s purposes and policies are and to follow them.
• Reflect and embrace the diversity of the school community.
• Distribute materials promptly.
• Create a climate of support and mutual respect.
• Delegate responsibility.
• Train and encourage new leaders.
• Network with other PTOs and community groups and agencies.

What is required financially of a PTO officer?
• The only financial requirement is that all officers are required to be a PTO member. Membership dues are between $25-$500

• What about training costs? Online training materials and in-person workshops are available at no cost to the volunteer.
• What about purchasing the items needed for the activities of a particular office? Officers are not expected to incur any out-of-pocket expenses because they follow the PTO budget and work within a budgeted amount. Materials and supplies used during the course of your volunteer service are approved expenses in the PTO budget and you know ahead of time what that approved amount is.

Our Mission

The Parent Teacher Organization's (Fast Family PTO) objective is to enrich the education of FAST students and enhance the efforts of the school staff by promoting relationships and involvement as well as utilizing the talents and resources of our families, teachers, school, and community. FAST Family PTO does this through projects such as helping to offset the cost of classroom supplies, teacher luncheons and family fun outings. 


  • Parent involvement is the number one predictor of early literacy success.
  • Kids with involved parents do better in school and score higher and tests.
  • Kids with involved parents are more likely to pursue higher education. 
  • FAST Family PTO supports the school through staff appreciation events, teacher grants, community outreach, clinic supplies, student council events, family events and school support events (including field day, Dr.Seuss Week and Red Ribbon week)

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PTO Membership

For the last two years, FAST Family PTO has had tremendous success combining our annual membership drive with a simple check writing campaign. This event replaces all other fundraising sales (i.e. wrapping paper, candles) that usually take place throughout the school year and the easy, one-time donation is even tax deductible!

Your donation directly funds the PTO sponsored programs that benefit our students, staff & school!
Please consider this when selecting your level below.

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Partners in Education

In addition to family members, FAST Family PTO is seeking company Partners in Education. We believe that the educational experience of our students can be enriched through the involvement of our business community. To achieve this, we offer a number of opportunities for businesses to partner with the school by contributing financial or other resources in return for targeted marketing outreach to our school community which extends throughout Fulton County. We offer five sponsorship levels ranging from Rocket Booster at $100 where a business will have their name and logo on our website, mentions in the school/PTO newsletter and their business logo in the school online directory to Platinum Rocket for contributions of $2500 or more. In addition to the aforementioned, Platinum Rocket sponsors will receive a yearbook advertisement, a framed certificate in the school lobby and flyers sent home twice during the school year or banner at two school events. Additional benefits may include spirit night/cash mobs, student art work displayed in business, thank you cards from faculty/staff and students.

Find details here in our information flyer.

FAST PiE members will also be invited to events throughout the year including Fall Festival, International Night, Bingo Night and the Art Festival where they will have the opportunity to meet and interact with the school community allowing them to both get to know our students and families and drive awareness of their business to our community.

If you own a business, know someone who does or have a favorite local business that you frequent, please contact for further details.

Spirit Wear

Spirit wear pre-orders are closed. Be on the lookout for opportunities to buy spirit wear at select PTO events.


PTO Officers (2018/2019)

Officers Name Email
 Co-President  Lynda Sharp
 Co-President  Marion Boyd
 Vice President  Brooke Aplin
 Treasurer  Elizabeth Schuhr
 Secretary  Beka Lignugaris

For the complete organizational chart, please click here.

Mandatory Training Instructions

Click here to take the online training course required of all volunteers before they can volunteer in the school.

Upcoming Spirit Nights

SkyZone - April

PTO Board Meeting

General Membership Meeting: April 11 at 5:30 pm at FAST in the Innovation Hall

PTO Documents

Please access this folder for all PTO related documents such as Meeting Minutes, Financial Documents and Bylaws.