ASPire Extended Care

ASPire Extended Care

Enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year is open!

Are you a parent in need of full-time, part-time, or occasional after-school care for your child attending FAST?

Look no further!  FAST offers after-school programs including ASPire Extended Care beginning the first day of school (August 6, 2018).  ASPire Extended Care is part of FAST and is staffed with FAST employees. To enroll your child, simply complete the REGISTRATION DOCUMENT (link below) for each child, click SUBMIT, and then contact the ASPire director, Julie Edwards to PAY YOUR NON-REFUNDABLE REGISTRATION FEE.  

About ASPire Extended Care:

ASPire Extended Care is held in the upstairs classrooms of FAST’s Student Hall.  Students come directly to ASPire Extended Care upon dismissal; no waiting for shuttles, no leaving the building, and staff is always here to receive your child.  All doors to the Student Hall remain locked, the director admits persons into the building, and unknown individuals are identified prior to entering. Individuals allowed to leave with your children must be listed on the registration form and will be input into the computer check-out system.  All extended care employees are certified in First-Aid/CPR/AED, and we have an AED onsite. We follow the same FAST emergency procedures that your child is familiar with during the day.

What makes ASPire Extended Care Unique?

When students arrive, they are provided a choice of snacks and a drink (including peanut-free, healthy, organic, and kosher options).  Following snack time, we begin homework. Younger students provide their teacher with their homework folder. Older students sign a homework log indicating what homework they have (if any) and the time they complete it.  We have ordered a set of Chromebooks that will be available for homework use only, and websites will be monitored by the teacher via Go Guardian. Students who log onto unauthorized sites will lose computer privileges during ASPire.  One teacher remains indoors during recess to provide additional homework time/assistance, and to supervise children with outdoor allergies and those that need a break from the outdoor weather. When students complete as much of their homework as possible, they go outside with our fitness coach and teachers.  Our coach and teachers facilitate group games both indoors and outdoors (e.g., kickball, basketball, running races, Connect-Four competitions, other games, books, and art projects). All of ASPire’s staff is beginning either their 2nd or 3rd year of employment with FAST.  They are highly educated and experienced adults whose priorities are to support your child’s academic and social development in a fun and safety environment.  

About ASPire’s Amazing Teachers – Our greatest assets:

  • Coach Quinn is ASPire’s Extended Care fitness (fun) coordinator. He is a certified personal trainer at two local gyms, and has coached children in several sports. His favorite game is Connect-Four (and he runs competitions in after-school).  He is one of the reasons that students ask their parents to pick them up late from ASPire. This is his 3rd year at FAST.
  • Christian Paige is ASPire’s secondary school teacher. She is completing her PhD in child psychology. She works at schools and with families who require support with struggling students, and is exceptional at helping students with all areas of homework and to develop cooperative social skills. She has run track and field, and loses occasionally when racing our students. This is her 2nd year at FAST.
  • Cindy Holcombe is one of ASPire’s primary school teachers.  She is a 5th grade Parapro teacher at FAST and is uniquely familiar with all FAST curriculums, making her an extraordinary homework support teacher.  She has worked with students from Pre-K to 7th grade, and is usually the teacher that stays inside during recess to provide additional homework help.  This is her 2nd year at FAST.
  • Brandon Fischer is one of ASPire’s primary school teachers.  He has a BS in Psychology and is continuing his education to become an MD.  He is familiar with FAST’s curriculum, including Singapore Math, and has experience tutoring math students. You can usually find him with children climbing on him during recess. This is his 3rd year at FAST.
  • Giselle Garcia is one of ASPire’s primary school teachers.  She is bilingual, has homeschooling experience, and works very hard to motivate our younger students to complete their homework. On occasion you may find her during the day here at FAST substituting for our nurse.  Our little ones get teary-eyed when she takes a day off, because they love her. This is her 2nd year at FAST.

ASPire Extended Care Tuition:

Tuition is due monthly in advance of services rendered, and will incur a $25 late fee on the 4th day following the due dates above. ASPire Extended Care follows the FAST school calendar and is open daily from dismissal to 6:30 p.m.  Parents picking up after 6:30 p.m. are charged $1 per minute thereafter at time of pickup. We accept credit, debit, and employer child-care reimbursement cards, checks, and cash. Drop-In fees are due at the time of pick up.

ASPire Extended Care Non-Refundable Registration Fees:

Registrants on or before June 30, 2018:

  • Returning ASPire Extended Care Students: $25 per child
  • New ASPire Extended Care Students: $50 per child

ALL Registrants on or after July 1, 2018:

  • $75 per child

Click for Link to online registration

Julie Edwards

Director, ASPire Extended Care and Enrichment Clubs

Fulton Academy of Science and Technology

11365 Crabapple Road, Roswell, GA 30075




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