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FAST Flyer: The View From Above

April 16, 2022

This weekend, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and Sikhs will all be celebrating religious holidays. For Christians, the weekend begins …CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

April 2, 2022

We are by nature social beings that do best when we are supported by the communities in which we choose to live. It is why …CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

March 26, 2022

Thomas Edison was one of the great inventors of his time. Thanks to him, we have the light bulb, the movie camera, the record player, to mention just a few. My favorite …CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

March 19, 2022

Daffodils are blooming at school, on the hill facing Crabapple Road, surrounded by a picket fence. Over the next few days, most of our students will…CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

March 12, 2022

With so many children struggling as a result of the pandemic, you can lose sight of the big picture. There is a tendency to focus on…CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

March 5, 2022

Warning: There will come a time when your child encounters a problem at school: Somebody is picking on me. The teacher is being unfair. These kids are talking about…CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

Feb. 26, 2022

In March 2020, schools and central offices across the country were placed on remote status due to the Covid 19 pandemic. I was working in…CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

Feb. 19, 2022

As an elementary school teacher, teaching social emotional learning just came naturally to me. Being with my students for 7 hours a day lent itself very easily to…CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

Feb. 12, 2022

When it comes to raising children, we are always building fences-sometimes to protect them and sometimes…CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

Feb. 5, 2022

At the end of the musical Hamilton, his widow worries about whether her husband’s legacy is going to be remembered as Alexander Hamilton’s enemies attempt to…CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

Jan. 29, 2022

Growing up, many of my first memories were of my sister who was a year younger than me. She grew normally until…CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

Jan. 22, 2022

I was working with a parent volunteer a few years back who had four children, two of which had significant learning challenges. They struggled in school and …CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

Jan. 15, 2022

People can lose perspective during these times of upheaval. The focus is on the here and now which is totally understandable. So, it is fortuitous that…CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

Jan. 8, 2022

We do our best to raise our children to be successful, happy, and prepared for whatever comes their way. We promise to do things different from our parents and are then surprised when…CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER 

Dec. 17, 2021

We want to wish all of our FAST family a well deserved break. May the spirit of the season…CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

Dec. 11, 2021

When my children were young, I was determined to overwhelm them with gifts during the holiday season. And by gifts, I meant the real deal. My family was not well off growing up. You can imagine …CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

December 4, 2021

We started the year with hope and an excitement about being back in the classrooms. We were prepared for the challenges of addressing learning gaps and helping children reacclimate to the school routine. We were not as prepared for… CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

Nov. 19 2021

Heritage Week Highlights…CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

Nov. 13, 2021

Four hundred years ago, Pilgrims arrived in America seeking the freedom to worship free of persecution. They were the first of…CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

Nov. 6, 2021

When I was growing up, one of the worst labels that could be thrown at a kid was that of being called…CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER

Oct. 23, 2021

As a principal, I confront lying on a regular basis. When a child gets caught doing something wrong, s/he often starts out by denying that it was his/her fault. Children can be very…CONTINUE TO NEWSLETTER