FAST Admissions

Who Can Apply?

Fulton Academy of Science and Technology is a Fulton County School District approved public charter school. Students that reside within the Fulton County School District are eligible to attend. Proof of residency in the school district is required at enrollment.

How to Apply to FAST

We recommend taking the time to learn as much as you can about FAST so that can ask the right questions on behalf of your child; you also want to sure it is a great fit as well. FAST is a unique school and we invite you to get to know us.

  1. Signup for an In-Person Tour of campus and/or watch our Walking Tour video. Spots on tours are limited and you must sign up in advance. FAST does not provide walk-in tours nor do we schedule private tours.
  1. Read these two documents to have a better understanding of FAST:
FAST Lottery

Please read the FAST Lottery and Enrollment policy. This policy contains detailed information about the lottery including preference, weighting, and procedures put into place by the FAST Governing Board to ensure an objective, fair, and random enrollment process.