Not sure if you and your student are ready for the first day of school on August 17th? Here is a list of the IMPORTANT activities for all parents to do. Details about each of these activities can also be found in emails already sent to you. Parents of 5th-8th graders, don’t forget about the REQUIRED Summer Reading Project! If you have any questions, please email or call the school 678-321-1100.

1 REGULARLY CHECK/READ YOUR EMAIL! – Email is the primary mode of communication between FAST and parents. To stay informed on all that is happening, it is CRITICAL that you read your emails from FAST. Email communications tend to come on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We recommend periodically checking your spam folder. To help prevent future FAST emails from going to spam, you can mark them as “not spam” or create a filter in your email settings. The #1 way to be ready for the first day of school is to REGULARLY CHECK/READ YOUR EMAIL!

2 ADD LEARNING KIT PICK UP DAY TO YOUR CALENDAR – Parents of ALL K-8 students including returning students – mark your calendars for your Learning Kit Pick Up day. It is CRITICAL that you come to FAST on one of these days to pick up your student’s workbooks, paperwork, and Chromebook. Chromebooks are optional if you have a dedicated device at home your student can use. This day takes place of the traditional Orientation Day.

3 SIGN-UP FOR A DEVICE IF YOU NEED ONE – If you need a device for your FAST Student to use at home for remote learning, fill out the Sign-Up form as soon as possible. You will be able to pick up the device at Learning Kit Pick Up Day if you fill out the form before midnight on 08/10. If your child already has a device they can use at home, you do not need to sign out a device from FAST. All your device needs is access to the Internet and Google Chrome browser. Make sure you bring your signed Technology Agreement from the Parent/Student Handbook when you pick it up.

4 FILL OUT POWERSCHOOL/PIKMYKID FORM – All NEW FAST parents need to provide us information so that you can have access to PowerSchool, our remote learning system. Parent access to PowerSchool is CRITICAL. It is different than student access. PikMyKid is what we use to manage afternoon carpool dismissal. Every NEW student will be assigned a unique carpool number for when we return to face even if they will not normally be picked up in carpool.

5 MAKE K-2 NEW STUDENT DROP-IN APPOINTMENT – If you have a student in K, 1st, or 2nd grade that is NEW to FAST, you have the option to meet your child’s teacher and see their classroom. All meetings will be by appointment ONLY on August 10th or 11th. This is completely optional. All eligible students have already received an email with a link to make an appointment. If you need assistance, please email Returning students will meet their teacher virtually on the first day of school. This is for NEW FAST students in K-2 ONLY.

6 REGISTER FOR CAMPUS PARENT – Register for the Parent Portal so you have access to your student’s grades, schedule, and more. Campus Parent is the parents’ view into Infinite Campus, the student database for all 90,000+ Fulton County Schools students. On the Parent Portal webpage, scroll down for instructions to set up your parent portal account. Email if you have questions.

7 PURCHASE SCHOOL SUPPLIES – Lists by grade of the supplies needed for virtual learning as well as when we return to face-to-face learning are available on this webpage. Scroll down to see links for all the grades and links to highly recommended math manipulatives kits for grades K-4.

8 FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE PARENT/STUDENT HANDBOOK – Yes, we know it is a very long document, but we have reorganized it and there a lot of bookmarks to easily find what you need. The Parent & Student Handbook for 2020-21 has some updated information from last year, so it’s important to stay up to date. The handbook also contains the FAST Family Partnership Agreement, FAST Technology Agreement, and FERPA Directory Information Opt Out forms that you may be asked to sign. When in doubt, consult the handbook!

9 PURCHASE UNIFORMS – Uniforms are not required for remote learning, but don’t get caught unprepared! ALL FAST students are required to have at least one cobalt blue polo shirt with the FAST logo embroidered on it. Please review our Uniform Policy prior to shopping at Lands’ End.

10 PURCHASE AGENDA – Agendas are optional but highly recommended for students with Education Plans or those who would like to be more organized. Agendas are geared for students in grades 3-8. Visit the Membership Toolkit to purchase an agenda ($5). Agendas will be distributed on Learning Kit pick-up days.

11 FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA – FAST maintains a Facebook page and Twitter account. Follow us on one or both to stay in the know! We post lots of pictures and videos on social media – so if you’ve ever submitted a photo for a photo contest or your child has gone on a field trip, you just might see them.