FAST Advisory Committees

The intention for the FAST Advisory Committees is to provide input and guidance on future planning for the school.

FAST Academic Advisory Committee

The purpose of the FAST Academic Advisory Committee is to engage school stakeholders and give them a voice in the academic life of the school.  This committee will discuss curriculum, review and evaluate industry trends and technology that should be considered for inclusion into curriculum, and offer suggestions and support for additional opportunities for academic enrichment that will further augment the optimal educational development of students at FAST.


  • Determine the best mechanism for identifying the classroom technology needs of each teacher, grade and subject
  • Create a method of surveying teachers regarding their ongoing needs that is dynamic and can be used consistently as academic and technology trends change
  • Develop a budget friendly technology plan and timeline for the school to present to the administration and board of directors for consideration
  • Research and vet academic technology (both hardware and software) that has been successful in other schools that could further improve the academic experience for students at FAST
  • Identify and secure ways to enrich the academic life of FAST through partnerships, field trip opportunities, speakers, competitions, programs, etc.
  • Contribute to both the short and long- term development the FAST academic culture and environment.

Committee Chair: katie.dion(AT)

Next Meeting: March 21st 7:00 PM at Land of 1000 Hills Coffee, Roswell
Committee Agendas and Minutes

FAST Facilities Committee

The mission of the FAST facilities committee is to create an environment for our students that provides the mental and physical space for innovative thinking while being fiscally responsible stewards of taxpayer, parent and other stakeholder resources.


  • Complete Phase 1 (the school as opened in 2016).  Includes contractor punch list as well as minor enhancements.
  • Complete Phase 1b (the school as envisioned including 7th grade for the fall of 2017).  Pending financial plan, Includes significant site work and a gym.
  • Complete Phase 2 (the final configuration for the school).  Pending financial plan, construction to start in June, 2017.

Committee Chair: edgard.nieves(AT)

Latest Meeting: 

  • Tuesday February 28th @ 7:30 a.m. at the Starbucks at Mansell/ Alpharetta Hwy
  • Mar 28th 7:30 AM at Starbucks at Mansell / Alpharetta Highway
  • Apr 25th 7:30 AM at Starbucks at Mansell / Alpharetta Highway

Committee Agendas and Minutes

FAST Finance Committee

Committee Chair: june.erickson(AT)

Latest Meeting: 

  • Mar 2nd 8:00 AM at Starbucks at Mansell/ Alpharetta Highway
  • Apr 6th 8:00 AM at Starbucks at Mansell/ Alpharetta Highway

Committee Agendas and Minutes

FAST Membership Committee

Committee Chair: joiava.philpott(AT)

Next Meetings: 

  • February 13th, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. at Starbucks on Mansell
  • March 20th, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. at Starbucks on Mansell

Committee Agendas and Minutes